Considering we are a land locked region with no roads out, we are very well serviced for our transportation needs to the outside world. Pacific coast air flies in on a regular basis and provides passenger service year round. BC Ferries also provides reliable and economical transportation from Bella Coola, BC. Out of Bella Coola, there is also water taxi service ​that will cater to your schedule at a cost of $500 each way. Water taxi may be booked through us.  

During your travels it is not uncommon to see abundant ocean life such as white sided dolphins, humpback whales, grey whales, orca, pilot whales, sea lions, seals, migratory birds and native bird species. By air there are breathtaking views of the west coast and Great Bear Rain Forrest unlike anything you have ever seen before. 

​Current BC Ferries pricing for a walk on is $78.25 during the peak season and $54.75 during off peak times. There are also options for you to bring your vehicle if you choose.  Ferry Schedules and pricing change without notice please call them directly or visit their website. 

Pacific coast air pricing changes frequently based on booking time, availability and so many other factors that influence airfare but we would be happy to help you with booking your trip. 

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